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A more healthful, equitable and resilient food system connects the health of people, farms and soil.
Basil's Harvest engages the power of regional regenerative food systems to promote human and planetary wellbeing. 
Basil's Harvest engages the power of regional regenerative food systems to promote human and planetary wellbeing. Our work connects farmers, institutions, health systems and businesses to build just and regenerative supply chains. We curate experiential learning programs, oversee collaborative research to expand understanding, and work hands-on with leaders to support them in creating and sustaining more resilient regional food systems.
What We Believe
The health of the soil in a community is connected to the health of people in their community. As more farmers adopt regenerative farming practices, the benefits to human health, animal welfare, the environment, and farm income can create systemic change. When community institutions such as hospitals, schools, and food banks direct their purchasing power and prioritize soil health, the community's overall health improves.

Basil’s Harvest empowers the health of communities by working with community leaders to innovate, educate, and build regional value chains that support regenerative food systems and community health. 
Who We Partner With

Communities: Rural and urban populations with a desire to improve their soil, food and overall health.

Farmers: Growers that want to adopt regenerative farming practices and make their farms more diverse and resilient to social, environmental and economic disturbances.

Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants, Food Banks: Institutions interested in procuring regional regenerative foods and improving the health of their community.

Community Leaders: Institutions, businesses, policymakers and advocates dedicated to supporting initiatives to improve community health and address agriculture and climate change.

In Action

What We Do

Build Collaborative Ecosystems

Basil’s Harvest connects farmers, institutions, and businesses and facilitates community-wide collaborations to build better food systems.

We BUILD regenerative value chains, working with leaders across the supply chain and champions in the wider ecosystem.

We FOSTER strategic and collaborative ecosystems to create new and more impactful regenerative value chains.

We SUPPORT actors in these supply chains through targeted consulting.

We CONVENE intersectionally across farm, food system, and health leadership to bring about deep change.

We INNOVATE new models that support regenerative food systems and community health.

Conduct learning programs

Basil’s Harvest develops experiential learning & leadership programs for health, culinary, supply chain and corporate professionals that connects them to their deeper purpose across the food system.

Featured Initiatives

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We do all this with collaborative leadership, leading and supporting our partners in doing their best work.

Erin Meyer, MSFS, Chef/RD

Founder & Executive Director

Kelly Bloedorn, MSFS

Communications and Management Associate
Basils Harvest Logo
Basil’s Harvest’s work is made possible by supporters, including: "Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust" 
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